Aluminum And Alumwelding Electrode Aws E4043

Aluminum And Alumwelding Electrode Aws E4043

ER4043 is a versatile aluminum silicon welding wire. Deposited metal has a good resistance to thermal cracking and also to ensure a certain degree of mechanical properties. However, in the case of anodizing, the weld metal and the base metal have different colors. Welding can produce brittle Mg2Si in the weld of aluminum-magnesium alloy, which reduces the plasticity and corrosion resistance of the joint.



Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)Brand Name:Ocean Welding
Model Number:E4043Material:Aluminum / Aluminum Alloy
Length:300mm-500mmOperating Current:50-240A
Welding Current:2.5MM V,OH 50-80Operating Temperature:60-90, 90-120, 120-150
Diameter:2.0mm,2.5mm,3.2mm,4.0mmApplication:Welding carbon steel materials
Product Name:Aluminum alloy welding electrodeColor:White
Type:Titanium CalciumCertification:ISO CE
Advantage:Easy Slag RemoveKeyword:Aluminium Base Brazing Alloy

Supply Ability Aluminum And Alumwelding Electrode Aws E4043

    Supply Ability:

    50 Ton/Tons per Day

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Product Description


    Alloy: 4043 CTD Conforms to Certification: AWS A5.3

    Class: E4043   ASME SFA A5.3
Alloy: E4043 CTD

    AWS Chemical Composition Requirements

    Si = 4.5 - 6.0 Zn = 0.10 max

    Fe = 0.80 max Ti = 0.20 max

    Cu = 0.30 max Be = 0.0008 max

    Mn = 0.05 max Al = Remainder

    Mg = 0.05 max Other = 0.05 each - 0.15 max total

    Application Aluminum And Alumwelding Electrode Aws E4043

    E4043 CTD is a coated electrode designed for maintenance welding of aluminums and aluminum alloys, such as 5454, 5154,  6052, 6063,  700 series.- The proper choice of aluminum filler metal mainly depends on the base metal properties to be achieved and Welding technique.  Post weld cracking, corrosion resistance and behavior under elevated temperature also need to be taken into consideration. Cracking usually can be minimized by choosing a filler metal alloy of higher alloy content then the base metal.

    Used for aluminum alloy workpieces , castings by argon arc welding and oxygen-acetylene gas welding as filling materials except aluminum-magnesium alloy,especially for heat-treating aluminum alloys that are susceptible to thermal cracking, and can obtain better results.


    a.Before welding, the edges of the workpiece and the surface of the welding wire should be strictly cleaned of oxide film and oil contamination.

    b.Pads can be used to hold the molten metal during welding to ensure the formation of welds.

    c.Oxyacetylene gas welding must be used together with aluminum gas flux.

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