E6011 Welding Rod Specifications

AWS E6011 Application :used as an all purpose electrode for automobile body shops and mild steel farm equipment .

Product Details

E6011 welding rod specifications

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Dayang

Model Number: AWS E6011

Diameter: 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.2/4.0/5.0mm

Length: 300-350mm

Operating Current: AC or DC 

Welding Current: 25-200A

Application: low carbon steel structure

Color: grey or white


AWS E6011 is a high cellulose potassium type welding electrode for carbon steel. It is specially suitable for vertical-down welding. Both AC and DC can be applied and it shows a fine appearane with high welding efficiency. Don't swing electrode too much when welding, the length of the arc should be controlled properly and it is not suitable for multi-layer or face welding.

The selection of acid or alkaline electrodes of the same strength grade depends mainly on the structural shape of the weldment (simple or complicated), the thickness of the steel plate (small or large stiffness), working conditions (static or dynamic load) and resistance of the steel. Cracking performance, etc.

The welding of carbon steel generally selects the corresponding welding rod according to the strength grade of the steel. At the same time, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the influence of the weldability of the steel, the transition of the base metal composition, the size, shape, groove and stress of the welded structure. In the unfavorable case that the weld cooling speed is large, the strength is increased, and the welded joint is prone to cracks, the first-grade welding rod is often selected. In the case of multi-layer welding of thick plates or normalizing after welding, it is necessary to prevent the weld bead strength from being too low.


Suitable for butt,filled and lap welding for thin plates structures, such as smoke pipes, wind pipes,oil tanks of transformer,outside cover of vehicles,etc.


1. Generally, welding electrodes do not need bake before welding.

2. If damped, the electrodes should be baked for 0.5-1 hour at the temperature of 70-80℃ before welding



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