Full Face Shield Mask

The full face shield mask is comfortable, convenient and beautiful. It can also prevent blurred vision caused by temperature difference and water vapor, and has no irritating effect on eyes. They are not only with the function of eye protection of common eye mask, but also with a simple, safe, comfortable and primary new protective product which integrates eye protection, mouth protection and nose protection. And it doesn't affect wearing glasses.


Full face shield mask

Brand : DY-MP005


Material: PET

Package: 1piece per polybag,200 bags per carton box


Character :It has a good anti fog function, which can effectively prevent the splashing of pollutants on the opposite side of medical staff during reception, treatment and inspection

Function :Widely used in the field of medical disease and health protection, face protection for operators is required

Application:It is suggested that dentistry, Stomatology, instrument cleaning, disease control and epidemic prevention, decoration and cleaning, chemical production, and the employees who need to protect face, eyes, nose and mouth should use this disposable medical protective screen. It can effectively prevent splashes, viruses, dust, dust, soot, chemical solution sputtering from damaging or cross infecting human face and eyes.

Why we need it :

During the period of SARS, many medical workers were infected with SARS because of inadequate protection. Hospitals are highly concentrated places of various pathogens. Hospital infection not only threatens patients, but also seriously threatens the health and life of medical staff. This disposable medical protective screen can provide basic prevention level of Ebola virus protection * in combination with medical mask and medical protective clothing. Modern basic medical research has confirmed that the transmission medium of the virus can be the patient's blood, body fluids, secretions and excreta, etc.

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