High Quality AWS E8015-C1 Welding Electrode Low Temperature Steel Electrode

Quick DetailsPlace of  Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)Brand  Name: DAYANGModel  Nu...

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High Quality AWS E8015-C1 Welding Electrode Low Temperature Steel Electrode

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Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Ocean

Model Number: AWS E8015-C1

Diameter: 2.5mm,3.2mm.4.0mm

Length: 300-400mm


Operating Current: AC/DC

Welding Current: international standard

Operating Tempe...:International standard

Application: welding for pressure vessel

Product Name: Welding Electrode

Certification: ISO9001:2008

Advantage: Small Spatter

Sample: Freight Collect

OEM: Accept OEM

Inner packing:

       1) 2.5mm x 300mm,  1-5kg/inner box + plastic bag
       2) 3.2mm x 350mm,  1-5kg/inner box + plastic bag
       3) 4.0mm x 350mm,  1-5kg/inner box + plastic bagAWS E8015-C1(3)

High Quality AWS E8015-C1 Welding Electrode Low Temperature Steel Electrode 

         Welding of low  alloy steel structures for working temperature of which is -60C,such as 13MnSi6,09MnNiNb,E36etc. . 

Low-alloy high-strength steel is based on carbon structural steel with carbon content Wc≦0.20%. It is developed with the addition of a small amount of alloying elements. It has higher toughness than carbon structural steel and has good welding performance and hot and cold pressure processing properties. And corrosion resistance, some steel grades also have a lower brittle transition temperature. In addition to a certain amount of basic elements of silicon or manganese, this type of steel also contains other elements suitable for China's resources. Such as vanadium (V), niobium (Nb), titanium (Ti), aluminum (Al), molybdenum (Mo), nitrogen (N), and rare earth (RE) and other trace elements. According to chemical composition and performance requirements, its grades are Q295A, B, Q345A, B, C, D, E, Q390A, B, C, D, E, Q420A, B, C, D, E, Q460C, D, E, Q500C, D, E, Q690C, D, E and other steel grades, the meaning is the same as carbon structural steel. Refining grain trace elements such as V, Nb, Ti, Al, etc. In addition to A and B grade steels, at least one of C, D and E grade steels should be included in such steels; in order to improve the properties of steel One of the A and B grade steels may also be added. In addition, the residual element content of Cr, Ni, and Cu of such steel is not more than 0.30%. Q345A, B, C, D, E are the representative grades of such steels, of which A and B grade steels are usually called 16Mn; more than grade C elements are added to grade C or above steels, and one low temperature impact property is added to the mechanical properties. This type of steel is compared to carbon structural steel. It has the advantages of high strength, good comprehensive performance, long service life, wide application range and economical. The steel is rolled into sheets, profiles, seamless steel tubes, etc., and is widely used in bridges, ships, boilers, vehicles and important building structures.

Chemical composition of deposited metal (%)


 High Quality AWS E8015-C1 Welding Electrode Low Temperature Steel Electrode

 E6013 (1)

E6013 (2)

E6013 (3)