High Quality ECoCr-A Surfacing Welding Electrode

Cargo with CE ISO certificate Sample: free Packing: 1.5kg/pvc box; 4 pvc boxes(20kgs)/carton; 50 carton(1 ton)/pallet 2.OEM packing is acceptable Delivery: Time: Normally ready goods within 8 to 25 days. Term: CIF CNF/CFR FOB EXW

Product Details

 AWS ECoCr-A surfacing welding electrode ro

Product Description

ECoCr-A is a cobalt-based surfacing electrode with titanium-calcium-coated cobalt-chromium-tungsten alloy welding core. DC reverse connection should be adopted. Butt welding metal can still maintain good wear resistance and corrosion resistance at 650 degrees Celsius, such as high temperature welding, high-pressure valves and hot shear blades, where the impact and cold and heat alternate, it can have good performance.

Product chemical composition of deposited metal(%)

0.7-1.425.00-32.03.00-6.00≤2.00≤2.00≤5.00The rest≤4.00

Hardness of surfacing layer:HRC≥40

Notice of Ecocr-A:

1. The electrode must be baked at 200 degrees Celsius for 1h before use

2. According to the size of the workpiece and the type of base material, it must be preheated at 300-600 degrees Celsius; small current arc welding should be used;

3. After welding, the workpiece should be tempered at 600-700 for 1h before slow cooling, or the workpiece should be immediately placed in a dry and preheated sand box or grass ash to cool slowly to avoid cracks

Product picture of surfacing welding electrode Ecocr-A





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