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7018 welding rod ac or dc

Jun 11, 2018

7018 welding rod ac or dc

E7018 can work in AC and DC, but work better in DC, the reasons are:

(1) due to the fact that there are more fluorite in the coating of the basic electrode, the higher ionization potential can be decomposed in the arc atmosphere and the stability of the arc will be reduced. If the AC welding machine is used again, there will be no stable arc.

(2) if the direct direct connection is adopted, the droplet will be impacted by the positive ion flow from the direction of the molten pool when the droplet is transferred to the molten pool, which hinders the transition of the droplets and causes the spatter and the arc instability.

(3) when the direct current reverse welding is used, it can not only reduce the phenomenon of splash, but also because the molten pool is in the cathode, the hydrogen ion from the electrode direction is neutralized with the electron on the surface of the molten pool, and the hydrogen gas hole is reduced.

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