aluminum mig welding wires

aluminum mig welding wires

Apr 08, 2018

What is the pure aluminum wire? How are they classified?

A: Industrial pure aluminum: aluminum content ≥ 99.00%.

International model: 1060, 1035, 1100, 1200, 1370, etc.

China welding wire number: HS301

2. What is called aluminum alloy wire? How are they classified?

A: The addition of magnesium, silicon, manganese, copper, zinc and other alloying elements to aluminum forms a different Organization and performance, forming a different series of aluminum alloy materials, such as:

<1> Aluminum-copper alloy (LY192014 22192024)

<2> Al-Mn alloy (LF21 3003 30053105)

China welding wire number: HS321

<3> Al-Si Alloy (LT14A11 40434047)

China welding wire number: HS311

<4> Aluminum Magnesium Alloy (LF2--LF16 5005 505251825356 )

China welding wire number: HS331

<5> Al-Mg-Si alloy ( LD2LD31 6061 60636070

<6> Aluminum Copper Magnesium-Zinc Alloy ( 7005 70507075 7475 )

<7>Al-Cu-Mg-Li alloy (8090)

3. Why it is difficult in Mig Aluminum welding wire ?

A: The technical difficulties of MIG welding aluminum are:

<1>The melting point of aluminum and aluminum alloys is low (purity of aluminum is 660°C), and high melting point oxygen is generated on the surface.

The film (AL2O3 2050°C) is liable to cause the welding not to fuse.

<2> Low-melting eutectic and welding stress are prone to weld hot cracks.

<3> The oxide film of the base metal and welding material absorbs moisture, and the weld seam easily generates pores.

<4>The thermal conductivity of aluminum is 3 times that of steel. The temperature field of the weld pool varies greatly. Control welding

4.Why usualy use Φ1.2/Φ1.6 size Aluminum welding wire in Mig welding?

A: When the MIG welding aluminum, due to the melting speed of the wire is very fast, the wire feeding speed is high; aluminum wire Small rigidity, relatively soft, when the push wire is fed, the fine wire is easy to build and bend, affecting the normal welding. So generally use Φ1.2/Φ1.6 aluminum wire