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Arc welding basic

Apr 02, 2018

1. What is welding?

A: Two or more materials (same or different),be heated or pressurized, or both, in order to achieve the bond between atoms to form a permanent connection process,which is called welding.

2. What is Arc welding?

The welding power supply provides a strong and long-lasting gas discharge between the two poles - called an arc welding.

<1> According to the type of current can be divided into: AC arc, DC arc and pulsed arc.

<2> According to the state of the arc can be divided into: free arc and compression arc (such as plasma arc).

<3> According to the electrode material, it can be divided into: a fused arc and a non-melting arc.

3.What is the Base material?

The metal to be welded is called Base metal.

4.What is the welding droplet?

The molten metal tip melts at the tip of the wire and transfers to the molten bath, which is called a droplet.


5.What is the welding pool?

The liquid metal part formed on the weldment during the welding process has a certain geometric shape, which is called a molten pool.

6.What is the welding seam?

It is the joint part formed in the weldment after welding.

7. What is the welding deposit metal?

The part of the welding deposit metal formed by the solidification of filler metal (wire, electrode, etc.) joint with the basic weld metal

8.What is the welding protective gas?

The gas used to protect the metal droplets and the molten pool from harmful gases (hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen) in the environment during welding—protection gas.

9.What is the welding technology?

The general term for all kinds of welding methods, welding materials, welding procedures, welding equipment, and welding equipment—called welding technology