Attention to the use of carbon steel welding rod

Attention to the use of carbon steel welding rod

Dec 17, 2018

Attention to the use of carbon steel welding rod

        Carbon steel welding rod (the tensile strength of deposited metal is less than or equal to 500MPa or 50kgf/mm2) is suitable for welding of carbon steel and low-strength low-alloy steel.          

     For low-hydrogen and iron-type electrodes, the electrode before welding must be baked above 350 °C, as much as possible to be used with baking, and how much to use. Otherwise, welding defects (such as pores, slag inclusions, etc.) will occur. Crack, process performance deterioration, etc.). For cellulosic electrodes, the baking temperature should be strictly in accordance with the baking temperature specified in the specification. If the temperature is too high, the cellulose in the coating will be burned and the inherent process performance of the electrode will be destroyed.

     When using low-hydrogen welding rods, the welder should be in the upwind position to enhance the exhaust and prevent the welding fumes from harming the body.

     For the low-hydrogen type electrode, the baking time should not exceed twice as much as possible to prevent the coating from becoming brittle and falling off.


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