China Welding Association

China Welding Association

Jan 28, 2019

China Welding Association aims:

In accordance with the party, the state's line, guidelines, and policies for the development of the national economy, the member units will be organized, and all positive factors will be mobilized in line with the principles of industry-oriented, enterprise-oriented, and production-oriented, accelerate the technological progress of the welding industry, and promote welding specialization. Production, improve the technical level, management level and economic benefits of welding production, play a role as a bridge and link between enterprises and the government, reflect the wishes and requirements of enterprises, and assist government departments to do a good job in industry management.

China Welding Association mission:

1) Carry out investigation, collection and analysis of the basic data of the whole industry and relevant market demand, and propose to the government departments to formulate industry development plans, economic and technological policies, economic legislation, etc., and participate in relevant activities.

2) Provide and publish technical and economic information and market information related to the welding industry, conduct consulting service activities, organize research and discussion on key technologies, enterprise transformation, production organization, operation and management, etc., and propose practical and feasible improvement suggestions.

3) Adopt various forms to train professionals in production and improve the technical quality and work ability of relevant personnel.

4) Carry out exchange activities of new welding technology, new technology, new equipment and new materials, and summarize and promote advanced scientific and technological achievements and management experience.

5) Carry out production and use assessment of domestic welding, cutting equipment and auxiliary equipment and recommend brand-name product activities.

6) Specialized production and collaboration in the weaving industry, promote horizontal economic linkages, and promote the development and supply of key equipment, test instruments and materials required for welding production.

7) Organize enterprises to negotiate and establish industry standards, regulations, and appointments, and follow them in accordance with the regulations.

8) Conduct economic and technical cooperation and exchange activities with counterpart organizations at home and abroad.

9) The government departments put forward proposals for major technology introduction and technological transformation projects, and assisted in organizing major technology introduction projects to carry out collaborative research on digestion, absorption and localization. Assist the relevant government departments to coordinate the work of product prices in the industry.

10) Organize exhibitions, exhibitions, exhibitions and other forms of activities, communicate production and marketing channels, and promote exchanges at home and abroad and Business activities.

11) Maintain the rights and interests of members, and actively report reasonable opinions and suggestions to the relevant departments.

12) Undertake the matters entrusted by government departments and other social groups.