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Chinese silver wire Industry Development Report

Oct 24, 2014

China Industrial Development Bank wire problems in many cases is not optimistic, as irrational industrial structure, industry focused on labor-intensive products; technical secret

Set products significantly behind the developed industrial countries; decisive factor of production is weakening; industrial energy consumption, low productivity, and serious environmental pollution, for 

Natural resource damage is great; overall small-scale enterprises, technological innovation capability is weak, backward management. 

From what point of view of development of Chinese silver wire industry? In what way evaluate the degree of development of China's silver wire industry? Chinese silver wire hair industry 

What Exhibition positioning and prospects are? Industrial Development Bank of China and the current economic hot wire issues related degree ...... like how are silver wire industry must 

Face and solve problems - Industrial Development Bank wire China has come to a fork in the road; Chinese silver wire industrial production enterprises need to choose the direction of development. 

Chinese silver wire industry research report describes the development process of the world's silver wire industry, analyzes the Chinese silver wire industry development status and gaps, and create 

To put forward a "new silver wire industry," and the concept of alternative industries, on this basis, the four dimensions that "people-oriented", "scientific and technological innovation," "

Environmentally friendly "and" future-oriented "precise definition of the" new silver wire industry "connotation and alternative products, according to the" new silver wire industry "and substitute 

Evaluation system and quantitative indicators of system products, from a new perspective on Chinese silver wire industry has been deduced and accurate forecasting, on this basis, to China 

Administrative divisions and four metropolitan silver wire industry conducted a comprehensive study