Development and application of thermal spray technology

Development and application of thermal spray technology

Oct 24, 2014

Features and development a surface engineering and thermal spray technology 

     Surface engineering is after surface preparation, by surface coating, surface modification or more complex treatment of surface engineering technology, changing the surface of solid metal and nonmetal surface morphology, chemical composition and structure and stress state in order to obtain the required surface properties of systems engineering. 

     Surface engineering combines basic theory, technology and the latest achievements in many fields. Surface engineering technology for producing the surface of the substrate a layer of a coating or film, or impart special properties of many materials by surface modification, the surface properties of the material is much better than the base material, not only can greatly extend the field of application of the matrix material, and solve the many areas of the material can not meet the requirements of environmental problems. Surface engineering technology in solving common problems encountered in the development of human resources, energy, the environment plays an irreplaceable role. 

     Due to surface engineering technology energy, materials, thereby protecting valuable resources for human survival, but also for environmental protection has played a very crucial role. Surface engineering technology of the 21st century will permeate all walks of life, and promote social civilization and improve the quality of life. 

     Surface thermal spray technology is an important branch of engineering, it is through the flame, electric arc or plasma and other heat source, some linear and powdered material is heated to a molten or semi-molten state, and will accelerate the formation of drops of melting speed discharged into the substrate to form a coating. Coating resistant to wear, and corrosion, and high temperature and insulation, excellent performance, and is able to wear, corrosion or processed due to part size tolerance reduce repair. Application of thermal spray technology include: long-term corrosion, mechanical repair and advanced manufacturing technology, mold making and repair, and manufacture of special features four coatings. Currently, thermal spray technology has been widely used in almost all industrial sectors and household goods (such as non-stick, infrared health electric heaters, etc.). 

     20th century, the development of thermal spray technology very quickly, and was quickly widely used. 1980 to 2000, changes in the thermal spray market in Table 1. To the 20th century, plasma spraying is still dominant. It is noteworthy, high-speed flame spraying (HVOF) rapid development will occupy 25% of the market share, ranking second. Arc spraying technology, because the economy is good, the coating layer superior performance than flame spraying, flame spraying technology will partially replace rose to third place.