Drying and storage of the electrode before use

Drying and storage of the electrode before use

Apr 07, 2019

 Drying and storage of the electrode before use


(1) Acidic electrodes are not sensitive to moisture, while organic rutile electrodes can tolerate higher water content. Therefore, according to the specific conditions of the damp, dry at 70-150 ° for one hour,The storage time is short and the package is good. It can be dried before use.

(2) The alkaline low-hydrogen type electrode must be dried before use to reduce the hydrogen content of the electrode and prevent defects such as pores and cracks. The general drying temperature is 350 ° C for one hour.

Do not suddenly put the electrode in the high temperature furnace or suddenly cool it.

So as not to crack the skin. For special requirements on hydrogen content, the drying temperature should be increased to 400-500 ° C for one to several hours.

The dried alkaline electrode is preferably placed in another temperature controlled cabinet at 50-100 ° C in a low temperature drying oven and used as needed.

(3) When drying the wear-resistant electrode, each layer of welding rods should not be stacked too thick (generally 1-3 layers) to avoid uneven heating and moisture during electrode drying.

(4) When operating in the open air, the wear-resistant welding rod must be properly stored overnight and not allowed to be stored in the open air. It should be stored at a constant temperature in the low temperature box, otherwise it must be re-dried before use the next day.