e6011 welding rod

e6011 welding rod

Jun 14, 2018

E6011 welding rod

It contains about 30% cellulose, which is mainly protected by gas generation while slag is seldom. Large current welding is usually limited. It is suitable for all position welding.LIKE E4310, E4311 (J425), E5010, E5011 (J505) belong to this category.

For E6011 electrode is cellulose electrode, it is easy to become damp.

There has some ways to help to check if they are damp or not 

(1) take a few electrodes and rub them together with a hand. If there is a clear metal sound, it is proved that the skin of the electrode does not tide; if there is a low  sound, the skin of the electrode is damp.

(2) bend the electrode slowly to a 120 degree angle. If there is a large number of skin drops, or there is no crack on the surface of the coating, the electrode will become damp. When the welding rod is not bent, there will be cracks when bending. When the bending angle reaches 124 degrees, there will be small cracks on the tensile side.

(3) the weld ends of the damped electrodes are rusty and the skin is white and frost.

(4) connect the electrode to the welding circuit to make it short circuited for a few seconds. If there is steam in the skin, it will be damped.

(5) during the welding process, the skin of Chinese medicine is falling off, or the water vapor is generated, and the bursting phenomenon occurs at the same time.If the moisture flux of the electrode is off, it can not be used; if the moisture is not serious, it can be dried and reused. Generally unimportant welds or welds with a small amount of rust can also be used.

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