Electrode before drying and storage

Electrode before drying and storage

Jan 16, 2018

(1) Acidic electrodes are not sensitive to moisture, while organic and rutile electrodes allow for higher water content. Therefore, according to the specific conditions of damp, dried at 70-150 ° for one hour, storage time is short and well packaged, it is generally no longer used before drying.

(2) alkaline low hydrogen type electrode must be dried before use to reduce the hydrogen content of the electrode to prevent the occurrence of defects such as pores, cracks, the general drying temperature is 350 ° C an hour. Do not put the electrode in a high-temperature furnace suddenly into or suddenly cooled, so as to avoid dry skin. Special requirements for hydrogen content, the drying temperature should be increased to 400-450 ° C for one to two hours. The dried alkaline electrode is best placed in another temperature control 50-100 ° C low temperature drying box storage, and with the use.

(3) When drying the electrode, each electrode can not be stacked too thick (usually 1-3 layers) so as not to heat the electrode uneven heating and moisture is not easy to rule out.

(4) Open-air operation, the electrode must be kept overnight overnight, open storage is not allowed, it should be stored in a thermostat thermostat, or the next day before use but also re-drying.

(5) It is best for each welder to have a small dryer of 480mm * 160mm * 80mm. During the construction, the electrode after drying is placed in the dryer and kept at 50 ~ 60 ° C, the container can also be placed Some silicone, so do not damp electrode again, at the same time easy to carry.


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