Electrode classification

Electrode classification

Jan 04, 2018

According to different circumstances, there are three kinds of welding electrodes classification: According to the use of electrode classification according to the main chemical composition of the coating, according to the characteristics of molten slag melting slag classification.
In accordance with the use of electrodes, there are two forms of expression, one for the preparation of the former Ministry of Machinery Industry, electrodes can be divided into: structural steel electrodes, heat-resistant steel electrodes, stainless steel electrodes, welding electrodes, low temperature steel electrodes, , Nickel and nickel alloy electrodes, copper and copper alloy electrodes, aluminum and aluminum alloy electrodes and special purpose electrodes. Second, the provisions of national standards for the carbon steel electrodes, low alloy electrodes, stainless steel electrodes, welding electrodes, cast iron electrodes, copper and copper alloy electrodes, aluminum and aluminum alloy electrodes. There is no principle difference between the two, the former is indicated by the commercial grade, the latter by model.
If you follow the main chemical composition of the electrode coating to be classified, you can electrode is divided into: titanium oxide type electrode, calcium titanate type electrode, ilmenite type electrode, iron oxide type electrode, cellulose type electrode, low hydrogen type electrode , Graphite type electrode and salt type electrode.
If according to the electrode coating melting, the characteristics of slag to classify, the electrode can be divided into acidic and alkaline electrodes. Acidic electrode coating the main component of acidic oxides, such as silica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide and so on. Alkaline electrode coating of the main components of alkaline oxides, such as marble, fluorite and so on.

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