golden bridge welding electrodes

golden bridge welding electrodes

Apr 03, 2018

 What is an acid electrode?

A: The coating contains a large number of acidic oxide electrodes, such as junction 422 (E4303), junction 502 (E5003) and other AC and DC welding electrodes.

What is a basic electrode?

The coating contains a large number of alkaline oxides that contain fluoride as well as electrodes such as Junction 507 (E5015) and Junction 506 (E5016).

What is cellulose type (downward vertical welding only) electrode?

Answer: The coating contains a large number of organic rods, and the pipe and sheet structure are used for vertical welding.

<1> Such as E6010 (equivalent to E4310, J425G) is suitable for bottom welding, hot welding, and filler welding. The

<2> E8010 (equivalent to E5511, J555) is suitable for thermal welding, filler welding, and cap welding.

General use of low hydrogen down welding cover welding; E7048 (equivalent to J506X) weld appearance neat and beautiful.

Why do welding rods must be strictly dried before welding?

The welding rod often results in deterioration of the process performance due to moisture absorption, resulting in unstable arcs, increased spatter, and defects such as pores and cracks. Therefore, the electrode must be strictly dried before use. The drying temperature of the general acid electrode is 150--200°C for 1 hour; the drying temperature of the alkaline electrode is 350--400°C, the time is 1--2 hours, and the oven is placed in a 100--150°C incubator after drying. Within, take it with you.

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