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How to choose the high quality Co2 Gas-shield welding wire ER70S-6

Aug 19, 2020

First, the size, here attached our standard sizes and packages ways, if you interested,we could just send you the film later, then the important thing about size is error, the error of our product diameter is controlled at -0.02; So this size is very good

Sizes of welding wire

Second, the date sheet certificate, The chemical composition is controlled according to the requirements of the American Welding Society standard AWS A5.18. The welding wire has good arc stability and high weld performance during welding.

Data sheet certificate ER70S-6

Third, the weight of spool, from out factory , the standard data as below

1kg spool  D100 0.06kg;

5kg spool  D200 0.25kg,

15kg spool  D300 is 0.67kg

Four, Thickness of copper plating is 3UM(Micron),See, we are very professional and so we make every part perfect for our clients, So, In one word, our quality is excellent in this industry 

ER70S-6 0.8 5 -2

ER70S-6 15KG

ER70S-6 0.8 5 -5