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How to save welding electrodes

Jan 16, 2018

The quality of the welding electrode has a direct impact on the welding quality, especially when working in the field. Each welder custodian, and technicians should know the electrode storage and custody rules. Electrodes and their coatings can be damaged in many cases: 

(1) Damage: Although the electrode has the general ability to resist external damage, it can not be ignored that it is easily damaged due to poor storage. Electrode is a ceramic product, it can not be as impact-resistant steel core, so loading and unloading can not throw it. Electrodes wrapped in cartons should not be handled by hooks. Certain types of electrodes, such as special drying requirements of the alkaline electrode should be more careful handling.

(2) moisture absorption: In the electrode coating contains too much water is very dangerous, in fact, if the electrode is wet, after welding the weld surface with the naked eye may not necessarily see the pores, but the X-ray examination showed Vents come. When the welding rod leaves the factory, all of the welding rods have a certain water content, which varies according to the type of welding rod. The water content is normal, that is to say it has a safety factor of water content for forming the pores and has no effect on the quality of the welding seam. All of the electrodes in the air can absorb moisture, the relative humidity of 90%, the electrode coating absorbs moisture quickly, ordinary alkaline electrode exposed to a very damp day, even when the relative humidity of 70% Faster, long-term storage of electrodes is not affected unless the relative humidity is 40% or lower.

Due to the large difference between day and night humidity, air moisture easily condenses into dew in the morning, it is easy to wet the electrode package. Electrode storage time is very easy to damp, it is best to use the first storage of the electrode.

In general, the electrode is packed by plastic bag and carton. In order to prevent moisture absorption, it is not to be disassembled before using the electrode, try to use it now, if possible, reseal the remaining electrode after sealing .


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