How to weld electric welding

How to weld electric welding

Feb 12, 2019

You can try the following methods.

1 Before welding, use the welding rod on the scrap steel plate. After a few times, the electrode head has temperature and good contact. It is easy to pull up the arc and then continuously weld.

2 Gently click on the workpiece before welding. Immediately after the contact, pull a small distance backwards. After the arc is generated, keep the distance. Under the illumination of the arc, quickly find the weld and weld it.

3 Adjust the current, can not pull the arc, the electrode is too small, the arc is too large, the electrode and the workpiece melt too fast and too deep, the current is too large.

4 Wear a welding cap and observe other people's welding, which will help you a lot.

There are several reasons for welding the adhesive strip:

1. The current adjustment is too small (or the power supply voltage is low)

2. The welding rod is damp.

3. The welder does not match the electrode.

4. It has steep drop characteristics and poor hard characteristics.

ER308 1.0

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