Low temperature aluminum electrode

Low temperature aluminum electrode

Dec 13, 2018

Low temperature aluminum electrode

Temperature definition

       The melting point of pure aluminum is 660.37 degrees Celsius, while the melting point of aluminum alloy varies from 482 to 660 degrees Celsius with the alloying elements. When aluminum and aluminum alloy are heated from a normal temperature to a molten state, there is no color change, and it is difficult to judge the temperature of the base material during welding, and it is easy to cause the base material to be over-fired or melted. 

        The temperature definition of low temperature aluminum welding wire is currently dominated by three temperature ranges.

           1. Low temperature aluminum welding wire of 580-620 degrees Celsius. Representative welding wire ER4047, ER4043

           2. Low temperature aluminum welding wire of 380-450 degrees Celsius. On behalf of welding wire Q303, WE-Q303B, WE53, etc.

           3. 179 degrees Celsius low temperature aluminum welding wire. Representative welding wire M51, M51-F

Welding method

           1. Cleaning: Cleaning the welded parts with mechanical cleaning is the best, the purpose is to remove the surface oxide film.

           2. Heating: focus on the thick part of the heating, heating can be a little far away from the weld, without having to directly weld the weld.

           3. Cutting: reaching 400 degrees temperature, the lower wire. The angle is as close as possible to the point of the weld. At the moment of the point, the tip of the flame is slightly smashed and the tip of the wire is melted and the tip of the wire is twisted instead of deliberately burning the wire.

Industry scope

        1. The socket of aluminum tube in the refrigeration industry, the heterogeneous welding of central air-conditioning copper and galvanized pipe, stainless steel pipe and aluminum pipe.

         2. Welding of aluminum terminals, aluminum leads and aluminum conductive rows in the substation industry.

         3. Welding of radiator tubes, motors and busbars in the electronic and electrical industry.

         4. It is also used in the production of faucets, coupling connectors, matching nuts, etc. in life.


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