Manufacturing of Wire shelving

Manufacturing of Wire shelving

Dec 14, 2016

Wire shelving for industrial use consists of steel wire, used for the decking, and steel sheets, used for the supports. The wire makes up about 60% of the weight and the sheet steel about 40%.

Coiled steel wire is cut to the correct lengths required using straight-cut machines. Then, these individual wires are fed through a welding machine that joins them, using electric-resistance welding at each junction. The creates a continuous wire mesh, which is then cut to the lengths required.

Manufacturers receive sheets of steel pre-cut for the widths required. The sheets are fed through a roll-forming machine to create a "U" or "V" shape. The roll-forming machine also cuts the supports to the length required.

After welding, the decking is coated with either baked-on enamel or baked-on powder coating. This requires a cleaning process, heat drying, cooling, paint dip, and then final curing. The decking can instead be electroplated with zinc.

Most manufacturers use the same equipment to produce other products. These include concrete reinforcement, mining, containers and other items made from steel mesh