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Market of Wire shelving

Dec 14, 2016

In 2008, eleven firms in the United States produced comprised 99% of that country's industry. Most US manufacturers sell wire decking nationwide. Manufacturers usually sell to distributors rather than directly to customers, with big-box retail being a large buyer. Walmart was the number one purchaser for several years during the 2000s. Both US and Chinese firms had high levels of excess capacity around 2010, allowing them to quickly respond to potential increases in demand. Manufacturers reported that the product had changed very little in the previous decade.

There is no predictable business cycle in the wire decking industry. Demand closely tracks industrial output and real estate construction, but with a 6 to 9-month delay. As a result, the wire decking industry didn't feel the effects of the Great Recession until well into 2009.

The industry has developed a quality certification called "R-Mark."

In the 2000s, US producers accused China of subsidizing wire decking and unfair trade practices. A US Trade Commission investigation rejected these allegations.