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Photovoltaic stainless steel electrode or a metal tin industry needs a new growth point

Oct 24, 2014

Recent PV industry in foreign markets in order to say who can be described as closely related to the future development of the solar photovoltaic industry and tin. 

International photovoltaic industry crisis solar photovoltaic industry more mature technology and complete industrial link has been recognized by the market, and now it is lacking in a take-off time. 

. Insiders did predict that global 

Each 100MW of photovoltaic cells requires PV 

EU PV subsidy policy standards lowered, the U.S., India set off against Chinese PV products "dual" (countervailing and anti-dumping) investigations. The U.S. government decided to impose preliminary countervailing less than 5% up to 2012 new PV capacity will top 30GW, 2015 年 reach 87GW, 2020 年 reach 293GW; press speculated 2011-2015 global new PV capacity is expected to remain 40% compound annual growth rate, while demand PV ribbon will also be increased simultaneously. 

Rate tax. Countervailing duty rate is between 20-30% is expected, what follows may not be lower anti-dumping duty is even more anxiety. April 12, once the world's largest manufacturer of photovoltaic cells in Germany Q-cells to the court filed for bankruptcy. Foreign pressure on China on trade protection PV products will increase. From one angle this is the PV industry's crisis, on the other hand maybe this is an opportunity to see the domestic PV market! 

Domestic photovoltaic industry opportunities, tin demand in case of a new growth point 

About 1550-1938 tons, but with the rapid increase of new installed capacity of PV, PV Ribbon demand for tin to 2020 will increase to 29,312 

Many problems facing the consumption of large quantities of coal resources, high dependence on imported crude oil, fossil fuel emissions adverse impact on the ecological environment, etc., clean energy has become a consensus to solve these problems. Ribbon around 50 tons, according to the tin content of 20-25%, the needs of tin metal 10-12.5 tons, the current PV Ribbon demand for tin metal only about -36,640 tons. Whether the ideal figure is expected to reach a we'll see. But undoubtedly, PV ribbon will become another growth breakthrough tin products.