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Silver electrode harness market situation in the automotive industry, welding equipment

Oct 24, 2014

Automotive industry is one of the heavy industry, but also the use of welding technology industry, and in addition to the hardware, and some belong to the welding wire welding, mainly used in automotive welding wire crimp technology and ultrasonic welding. 

Crimp with the physical effects of ultrasonic vibrations generated by the combination of the thread, ultrasonic welding used in automotive wiring harness production, its use of ultrasonic welding earliest from Europe began to rise, and its equipment is also very professional. 

Harness welding equipment brand 

        Currently harness welding equipment are basically the use of international products, and our harness welding equipment is very small, except Chuxin electromechanical time in 2008 developed the first generation of domestic ultrasonic welding machine harness outside, basically in the country there is no such machine, developed from Chu Xin Electrical harness welding machine is the future development trend of China's relative on a level, because it broke the monopoly of the international arena, but also between industries in the use of the product when they are selecting domestic products, so that the domestic economy has improved, in 2008 our country is no harness before welding equipment brand, basically imported products, but in 2008, after its owner thanks to the development of our country abroad ultrasonic metal welding technology. 

         Advantages of ultrasonic welding: welding choice does not exist on the environment, the risk of oxidation or rust does not appear in harsh environments, while the use of ultrasonic welding current connection 

         In fact, the use of the terminal is crimped to the wire strands forming the joint are pressed together, the advantages of which are crimped in the production speed is relatively fast, while the equipment used is required to have such a clear and simple welding equipment, so said benefits are not the same. 

Quality harness welding equipment 

         For quality harness welding equipment, relatively perhaps many people know that the development of technology is affecting a very important factor in the use and quality of technology products are substandard, and welding equipment or wiring harness inside there are some flaws, because in the domestic compression equipment will overheat and blackening phenomenon, so that the difference between science and technology on the international products and domestic products still exist. 

Development harness welding equipment 

The use of industry is no shortage of the phenomenon, and the third, that the future will be applied to aerospace equipment to go, after all, are the strong demand harness technology products in any of