Silver electrode welding industry current mode of operation also how far forward

Silver electrode welding industry current mode of operation also how far forward

Oct 24, 2014

Some years, Gome, Suning chain store model, leather lost quite a number of department stores and appliance vendors to sell household appliances life. 

Therefore, Gome, Suning our business model over the past decade has been the reform banner. 

Tesco online store, Suning set door, quality assurance system, service entity with Suning stores sold products, completed by the beauty of the service system. The difference is that the same product, the price of Suning chain entities have to 259 yuan, more than the price of your e-commerce website Jingdong Mall 71 yuan! 

, Like to go to physical stores to buy things escalated, the advantages of the store seems increasingly obvious, the store operation and management costs were significantly higher than the cost of e-commerce operation. Their take? We Hardware & Electrical industry vendors and friends, will encounter a similar problem? 

Fifth: welding industry products for e-commerce 

Second: Suning entity chains, with Suning Tesco online store, is independently operate two platforms, even though they all belong to Suning Group, in fact, they are more competitive relationship. Suning's senior, should see the development trend of e-commerce, so not hesitate to let Suning Tesco online shopping mall chain store with cannibalism, but also to face some of the e-commerce industry more powerful opponent, backing off to the entire Suning Group procurement channels for support, easy to purchase online as soon as possible through people's, you know than the Internet-related information will be people who spend 71 yuan of money wasted, not including their time and energy to go to the store to spend, while their move buy stuff home. Worth more specific information. Fourth: Tesco Suning chain store with contradictory online store should be the city to seize market share in this new type of e-commerce are booming. In fact, Suning Tesco e-commerce online store has grabbed some market share, even if the next Suning chain store is a new business model eliminated the other, Suning Group will not have annihilated. 

E-commerce? What method of operation is that we can learn from the industry's business? 

Operate it? Hardware & Electrical products for e-business models in the end should be like? How far away from us? Manufacturers and distributors current mode of operation can go far?