stainless steel wire

stainless steel wire

Apr 05, 2018

1.Why austenite stainless steel wire and carbon steel, low alloy steel welding (dissimilar steel welding)


Use 25-13 stainless steel welding wire and welding rod?

A: dissimilar steel welded joints with welded austenitic stainless steel and carbon steel, low alloy steel

 , weld deposit metal must use 25-13 series of welding wire (309, 309L) and welding Article (Olympic 312, Austrian 307, etc.). Such as other stainless steel welding materials, in carbon steel, low

 Martensite formation occurs on the fusion line on one side of the gold steel and cold cracking occurs.

2. Why does the solid stainless steel welding wire use 98% Ar+2%O2 protective gas?

A: When solid stainless steel mig welding wire, if pure argon gas protection, molten pool

The surface tension is large and the weld is poorly formed. It is in the shape of a "hunchback" weld. Add 1-2% Oxygen, reduce the surface tension of the pool, weld formation smooth appearance.

3. Why does the solid stainless steel wire MIG weld surface black?

A: The solid stainless steel wire MIG welding speed is faster (30-60cm/min), protection

The gas nozzle has run to the front end pool area, the weld seam is still hot and hot, it is empty

Oxidation, oxides on the surface, blackened welds. Acid cleaning passivation method can remove

Black skin, restore the original surface color of stainless steel.

4. Why does a solid stainless steel wire use pulsed power to achieve jet transition?

No splash welding? A: When the solid stainless steel wire MIG welding, φ1.2 welding wire

When the current I 260-280A, the jet transition can be realized; less than this value is short

Road transition, splash larger, generally can not be used. Only use pulsed MIG power

, pulse current greater than 300A, can achieve pulse spray 80-260A welding current