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The Comparation between E71T-11 and E71T-GS

Apr 24, 2020

Both are flue core welding wire for mild wire, and both are self-shielding welding wire. Then what’s the differences. First I want to make it clear that I will use “-11”and “-GS” to represent them respectively. The differences are coming.

First one, -11 is a wire for all positions and multi-pass welding while -GS is single pass, so this one is suggested to be used for sheet material;

Second; The different used place.  -11 is commonly found being used in structural beams on outdoor construction projects,also used in the fabrication of machinery parts, tanks, prefab constructions, light structural frameworks, short assembly welds and railroad repairs.

As for -GS, its most popular for the home workshop welder, it can be used on such thin gauge steel. such as prefabricated parts, building construction, water tanks, decorative iron, agricultural tool repair and general manufacturing. This wire is one of the highest quality airless wires on the market and does not require protective gas.

The last but not least, the different specification, now according to the American welding society, -11 meets a strict specification and it is easy for you to know the welding performance quickly. However -Gs is a general standard, there is no real specification other than its single pass.

E71T-11 -1

E71T-11 -2

E71T-11 -3

E71T-GS -1

E71T-GS -2

E71T-GS -3