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The identification method of the tide of the welding electrode

Jan 16, 2018

(1) take out several electrodes from different locations and put them between two thumbs and index fingers. They will hold the welding rods and gently shake them. If the electrodes are dry, they will produce hard and brittle metal sound. If the electrodes are wet, the sound will be blunt. Such tests are often made at the use of electrodes, and the sound between the dry electrode and the damp electrode is different, which prevents the misuse of the damp electrode.

(2) if there is a crack or air hole when the welding rod is welded with a certain type, it is necessary to consider whether the electrode is dried or not, and then consider other reasons.

(3) if the water content is very high with damp electrode welding, the electrode surface can even see the water vapor out, or when more than half of welding electrode, electrode tail crack phenomenon found.


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