The role of welding electrodes?

The role of welding electrodes?

Jan 16, 2018

Welding electrodes are the wires used in arc welding, mainly composed of the welding core and the skin, which are the metal cores covered by the coating in the welding rod.

In manual soldering, the solder core is not only the electrode but also the filler metal. The outer surface of the metal core is covered with a chemical coating which is coated on the surface of the welding core. Is composed of a variety of ores, ferroalloy, cellulose and binder, the role of the main is to conduct welding current, and its own arc with the combustion and melt into the weldment surface of the weld pool and welding capacity as one, filling was Welding the gap between the workpiece.

Welding rod and coating from the two parts. Electrodes in the metal welding core paint (coating) uniform, to the core pressure on the welding core. Different types of welding rod, welding core is also different. The welding core is the metal core of the welding rod. In order to ensure the quality and performance of the welding seam, the content of each metal element in the welding core is strictly regulated, especially the content of harmful impurities (such as sulfur and phosphorus) should be strictly The limit is better than the base metal. Electrode coated metal core is called welding core. Welding core is generally a wire with a certain length and diameter.

Welding, welding core has two roles: First, conduction welding current, the electric arc generated by the energy into heat, and second, the welding core itself melted as a filler metal and liquid base metal fusion weld.


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