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Three-foot centrifuge spindle should be how to overhaul

Oct 24, 2014

Centrifuge spindle overhaul rules: 

1, check the shaft journal wear. If the depth of wear is not too large, wear parts can be repaired by welding or a plating method, and then processed to an original size; The wear depth is too large, it should be replaced with a new axis. 

2, the spindle testing and inspection. If the presence of cracks, corrosion and other defects, allowed repaired, but only replaced. 

3, shaft straightness deviation detection. If straightness or concentricity deviation exceeds the allowable value, you should correct the spindle; if exceeded too large, it should be replaced. 

4, the surface quality of the machining of the mating surface of the spigot checked. Surface roughness value R <6.3m, and shall not have scratches, grooves and other defects.