Uses of electrode

Uses of electrode

Dec 09, 2016

Electrodes are used to provide current through nonmetal objects to alter them in numerous ways and to measure conductivity for numerous purposes. Examples include:

●Electrodes for fuel cells

●Electrodes for medical purposes, such as EEG (for recording brain activity), ECG (recording heart beats), ECT (electrical brain stimulation), defibrillator (recording and delivering cardiac stimulation)

●Electrodes for electrophysiology techniques in biomedical research

●Electrodes for execution by the electric chair

●Electrodes for electroplating

●Electrodes for arc welding

●Electrodes for cathodic protection

●Electrodes for grounding

●Electrodes for chemical analysis using electrochemical methods

●Inert electrodes for electrolysis (made of platinum)

●Membrane electrode assembly