Wear-resistant alloy welding wire welding wire specific uses

Wear-resistant alloy welding wire welding wire specific uses

Oct 24, 2014

High temperature hardfacing wire uses: 

     Cement industry: roller press squeeze roller, vertical roller mill and the millstone, fan blades, linings, chute, hopper linings, hammer crusher and hammer plate, excavator bucket teeth, jaw, teeth grate kiln tower , mixer blades. 

     Power Industry: turbines, steam turbines, valves, coal grinding roll sets and disc, chute liners, crusher hammer and liner, mill rolls and liner, exhaust fan blades. 

     Steel companies: roll crusher, a variety of rolls, blast furnace bell and distribution chute, Single Roll, grate plate, sinter crushers, fan impeller, propeller tooth plate, funnel, recycling buckets, wear plates, guide bit plate, cutting tools and other high-temperature mold. 

      Mining (dredging industry): chute, hopper linings, brick machine reamer, fan blades liner, bulldozer bucket, the ball ink machine liner, bucket wheel excavator bucket wheel, bucket shovel teeth and so on. 

      Rubber industry: tire crusher knives, rubber mixer and so on.