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Welding cutting sword refers to high efficiency and high quality

Feb 25, 2019

Welding and cutting is one of the most important production technologies in the shipbuilding industry. The welding and cutting quality inspection equipment is also the main process equipment of shipbuilding enterprises. During the 2008 China Shipbuilding Industry International Summit Forum, the Advanced Shipbuilding Welding and Cutting and Quality Inspection Technology Forum was the focus of the shipbuilding industry.

Welding: focus on more efficient

Chen Jiaben, director of the China Welding Association Shipbuilding Professional Committee, made a report on "Progress in China's Ship Welding Technology" at the forum.

According to him, the application rate of CO2 gas protection semi-automatic welding technology is currently 60% ~ 65% in China's shipbuilding enterprises. More than 40 kinds of shipbuilding welding methods have been applied to the construction of various types of ships: welding workers in the shipbuilding industry are all welding materials. The daily consumption is up to 15 kg, the use of single-sided welding pad is 700,000 meters, and the application rate of high-efficiency and energy-saving welding equipment is over 95%. Advanced high-efficiency welding technology has played an important role in improving shipbuilding efficiency, low barrier to shipbuilding costs, and improving shipbuilding quality.

Chen Jiaben pointed out that in the field of ship welding equipment and materials, a large number of advanced welding materials and equipment have realized domestically produced flowers, and the rectification AC-DC arc welding machine and the inverter-type arc welding machine have been continuously developed and applied. In order to meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, China's major backbone ship companies have already scoured too much energy-intensive acetylene gas, and replaced it with propane night-lean gas and natural gas, low-toxicity, low-dust electrode has been further promoted, energy-saving Inverter splicing power supplies are replacing high-energy rotary arc welding power supplies. Although the application of laser welding technology in China's shipbuilding industry is not blank, the high-power laser construction technology project jointly developed by China and Germany has been launched in 2005.

Chen Jiaben said that in order to meet the needs of efficient shipbuilding, at the end of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, the automation rate of welding mechanization in China should reach 70%, the qualification rate of welding quality should be increased by more than 5%, the welding cost will be reduced by 5%, and the welding workers will be welded daily. The consumption is increased by more than 20%. He believes that to achieve these goals, shipbuilding enterprises should adhere to the direction of regional modular construction, adhere to the refined direction of welding management, adhere to the direction of welding standardization, and adhere to the leading direction of welding research.

Cutting: Pursuit of automation

Yin Haojun, a senior engineer at each ship technology research institute, pointed out in his report "Automatic Thermal Cutting Solutions for Modern Shipbuilding Industry" that in recent years, it has adapted to the modernization of shipbuilding. A group of advanced automated thermal cutting technologies, such as CNC flame cutting, CNC plasma cutting, CNC pipe intersecting line cutting, robot profile automatic cutting, etc., have been introduced into the shipbuilding industry, fundamentally breaking through the previous boring ship construction cycle The bottleneck of cutting has become a booster for the rapid growth of China's total shipbuilding volume. For the application status of automated thermal cutting technology in China's shipbuilding industry, Yin Haojun said that in the aspect of sheet metal cutting, CNC plasma cutting is dominant, and CNC laser cutting machine has also appeared: large and medium-sized shipping companies have adopted automatic cutting equipment in pipe cutting. : In the profile cutting and imitation, only some backbone ship companies are equipped with automatic cutting equipment, and most ship companies are still using manual cutting.

After introducing the current development of the world's advanced marine industry's advanced automation technology, Yin Haojun pointed out that China's shipbuilding cutting technology and design should be flexible, digital, and integrated. When introducing advanced cutting technology, the shipbuilding enterprise should focus on the cutting speed, the groove quality and the deformation value to meet the subsequent assembly quality and welding quality requirements of the workpiece.