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What are the main welding preparation: Welding Welding is welding

Oct 24, 2014

Article Summary: welding in the industry is very ...... welding process, the English name ...... welding process include: welding ...... 1 Preheat: Preheat there ..... . welding conditions: permission ...... groove forms: the weldment ...... welding parameters: the post-weld heat treatment ......: welding after welding ...... is in the welding process in order to improve the quality of welding ...... ...... bonding is pressurized conditions ...... brazing is to use than the workpiece ...... in modern metal processing ...... future welding process, ...... on the other hand to improve the welding, for most people who are in fact divergent set really appreciate too much knowledge about aspects of the process of welding. 

Welding process, the English name: 

Welding conditions: when promised preferred alkaline electrode. 

Beveling way: will do weldment can open into a U-shaped groove style stop welding. If a casting shortcomings, shovel dug groove shape should be slick, which means that adding base metal melt into the weld metal in proportion to the carbon content of the weld landed avoid cracks. 

Welding parameters: parent material ablation due to the first layer of weld metal in proportion up to 30% Excellency, so the first layer of seam welding, shall be able to take a small current, slow welding speed to reduce the base material penetration. 

After welding, thermal processor: the best weldments immediately after welding stops to eliminate thermal stress processor, especially the large thickness of the weldment weldment, high rigidity structure pieces and Jun Li conditions (dynamic loading or impact load) tasks should be as Adams. If you can not stop after welding to eliminate thermal stress renew, you should immediately stop hot processor. 

Welding prepared mainly by the following: 

Welding on the one hand to develop new welding preparation, welding equipment and welding materials, to further improve the welding quality and reliability of Enron, such as improvement of existing electric arc, plasma arc, electron beam and laser welding power; craft and master the use of electronic technology , improved arc technology functions, developed reliable light arc tracking establishment. 

On the other hand to improve the welding 

Welding is a welding process in the workpiece is heated to melt the shape of the interface, without the pressure to complete the preparation of welding. When welding, heat the workpiece to be welded at the interface of two rapid heating ablation, constitute the pool 

Bonding under pressurized conditions, and the workpiece so that the two gaps between the atoms with each other to complete the dispersion, thereby completing the weld preparation. 

In modern times in metalworking, welding than casting, forging technology growth late, but grow fast. Weight welded construction steel production accounted for about 45%, the proportion of aluminum and aluminum alloy welding structure is also inexhaustible added. 

Future welding process, then the level of mechanization and automation, such as the French example master welder complete digital control; developed from organizing process, the welding quality monitoring to full process automation utility welder; give birth in automatic welding line, pursue, expand CNC welding robots and welding robots can improve the level of welding childbirth, improved sanitation Enron welding conditions.