Multi Use Face Shield

Comforatble with you by soft forhead pad,healthy with you against liquid splashes and particles in air.

Product Details

Multi use face shield

Why we need face shield ?

When performing operations that may cause splashing or ejecting of blood, body fluids, secretions or excreta, face protection devices, including surgical masks and eye protection devices (masks, goggles,face shield), shall be worn to protect the conjunctiva, nasal mucosa and oral mucosa. In the process of providing medical services, close contact with patients with respiratory symptoms (such as coughing, sneezing) may cause discharge of secretions, so eye protection devices should be worn. Note that ordinary glasses cannot be used to prevent liquid splashing on the eye mucous membrane, so they cannot be used as eye protection. Select the face shield, can protect your eyes, your face, your mouth together in one time. Except it, there have other functions

Multi Functions Face Shield

1)Protect all kinds of cutting, crushing and grinding machines from flying particles and debris during high-speed operation

2) Against the dust in the air during the processing of protective building materials, casting, polishing, medicine and food

3)Protect the splashing of liquid and solvent in chemical, pharmaceutical and pesticide production

4)Prevention and control of molten metal from metallurgy, glass and casting

Specification of the Face Shield

Material: PET

Thickness: 0.2mm

Package: 10pcs per bag

12bags per inner carton box

120pcs per master carton box

N.W: 4.3 kgs

Measurement of ctn box: 440*320*200cm

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