Nov 16, 2016

T.I.I.E is short for Tehran International Industry Exhibition, is held in in Iran from October, 3rd to 7th. Linan Dayang Welding Materials Co. Ltd., whose brand is “OCEAN WELDING”, take part in this exhibition. This company specialized in manufacturing and exporting welding electrodes, welding wire,welding accessories for about 20 years, and it is one of the most famous brand in welding area.
During this Fair, Linan Dayang Welding Materials Co. Ltd. seems gains a lot, which concentrate to the fast development of Iran economy and good quality of “OCEAN WELDING” welding electrode and welding wire.
On Nov., 7th, the last day of the fair, still thousands of people visiting the booth. As the supplier said, all these should thanks to the good quality. It is belived that “OCEAN WELDING” will be better and better for its super quality.