2019 Beijing-Tianjin University Graduate Welding Academic Forum

2019 Beijing-Tianjin University Graduate Welding Academic Forum

Jan 15, 2019

2019 Beijing-Tianjin University Graduate Welding Academic Forum 

was held at Beijing University of Technology

           In order to strengthen the academic exchanges of graduate students in the field of welding, promote academic exchanges and ideological collisions among graduate students, cultivate innovative awareness and improve innovation capabilities. On January 5th, the "2019 Beijing-Tianjin University Graduate Welding Academic Forum" was held in Room 218 of the Materials Building of Beijing University of Technology. Teachers and graduate student from Tianjin University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and Beijing University of Technology were invited to focus on hot topics in welding. The remaining graduate students started active exchanges and heated discussions.


           The forum was co-chaired by Professor Li Zhuoxin from Beijing Institute of Technology and Materials, Professor Yan Xinjie from Tianjin University and Associate Professor Guo Wei from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. First, Professor Li Zhuoxin from Beijing University of Technology gave a speech on behalf of the organizer. The forum specially invited the editor of the Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Zhang Wei, to explain the problems and solutions of the writing, publishing and publishing process of scientific papers, and put forward detailed opinions and suggestions from the professional perspective of the editors. Associate Professor Li Hong from Beijing University of Technology introduced the international academic exchanges and cooperation and training of graduate students in the welding research group in recent years.

           The following four doctoral students and six graduate students gave a wonderful theme report on topics such as advanced welding technology, new welding materials and new welding techniques. Fully exchanged the latest progress in research and development of welding consumables and welding metallurgical mechanism in low phase transition point welding materials, ultra-large container ship plates and high-strength ultra-low carbon bainitic steel welding materials, new stainless steel brazing materials, etc. In the direction of laser welding of advanced automotive materials, pulse welding of dissimilar materials, arc physics of variable polarity plasma arc welding, preparation of flexible electrodes by inkjet printing and nano-micron connection technology, the full discussion is also carried out. After the free discussion session, the graduate students enthusiastically spoke and heatedly discussed and pushed the forum to a climax.

           The forum also received strong support from the Welding Materials and Metal Weldability Working Committee of the China Mechanical Engineering Society Welding Branch and the Materials and Manufacturing Department of Beijing University of Technology, aiming to accelerate the implementation of the manufacturing power strategy and the integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Postgraduate students in the field of welding in the Beijing-Tianjin region provide a high-level academic exchange platform to create a good academic atmosphere, to achieve the purpose of complementing each other, enlightening wisdom, and improving innovation capabilities. The meeting finally reached a consensus that the “Beijing-Tianjin University Graduate Welding Academic Forum” will be held by the three schools once a year, and hopes to attract more teachers and students from the welding field, to stimulate the research enthusiasm of graduate students in the joint learning and active exchanges, and to broaden the academic Vision. Finally, the forum ended with a warm applause.


         After the meeting, some members of the working committees of Beijing and Tianjin exchanged and socialized activities with the teachers and students of the three schools, giving full play to the bridge and link role of the welding society platform.