6011 1/8 Welding Rod

6011 1/8 Welding Rod

May 28, 2020

Welding electrode 6011

E6011 is a mild steel, all position electrode designed primarily for use on AC power sources.  It produces a strong arc force for deep penetration and a fine spray transfer that enhances operator  appeal. Fast freezing or rapid solidification of the metal allows welding in the vertical and  overhead position.  Its light slag eliminates slag holes that are prevalent on some applications  with other electrodes. This product can be suited in a wide range of applications.

Packaging of 6011 welding rod/welding electrode 4mm: 

2.5*300mm 2.5kgs/inner box,8boxes/carton=20kgs

3.2*350mm 5.0kgs/inner box, 4boxes/carton=20kgs

More details of 1/4 welding rod/5/32 welding rod

  • High cellulose with iron powder for higher deposition rate and high welding speed than other ordinaer E6011 electrode

  • Can be used in both AC or DC powder source

  • Fast freezing with stable, strong&deep penetrating arc force for easy manipulation in any position welding including vertical down&overhead

  • Thin slag covering which is easily remove

  • High quality weld metal with high ductility and pass radiographic test