A Welding Cable Consists Of

A Welding Cable Consists Of

Oct 31, 2019

The welding cable material structure and working performance have the following requirements:

 ① it should have good conductivity and insulating outer layer. Generally, it is made of pure copper core wire wrapped with rubber insulation sleeve. The insulation resistance shall not be less than 1m Ω; 

② it shall be light and soft, able to bend and twist freely, and easy to operate. Therefore, the cable core must be composed of multiple strands of thin wires. If there is no cable, it can be replaced by a hard wire with the same conductivity, but at least 2-3m long flexible wire shall be used at the connecting end of the welding tongs, otherwise it is not easy to operate; 

③ the welding cable shall have good mechanical damage resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, so as to adapt to the characteristics of welding work.