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Amada Miyachi America

Dec 15, 2016

Amada Miyachi America, a subsidiary of Amada Miyachi Co., Ltd, is a worldwide designer and manufacturer of equipment and systems for resistance welding, laser welding, laser marking, laser cutting, and hot bar reflow soldering and bondin Established in 1948, Miyachi America Corporation is headquartered in Monrovia, California, US. The company’s equipment is used in numerous industries, chief among which are aerospace, automotive, batteries, electronic components, general electronics assembly, and medical devices. Miyachi America Corporation has 185 employees, with 11 sales and manufacturing offices serving about 11,000 customers worldwide. More than 80,000 items are manufactured annually. The company is certified to ISO 9001, China Compulsory Certificate (CCC), European Conformity (CE), and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) quality certifications.