Apple Is Releasing Self-developed Protective Mask Face Shield Teaching Guide

Apple Is Releasing Self-developed Protective Mask Face Shield Teaching Guide

Apr 15, 2020

Under the epidemic, Apple has started to produce medical supplies.

On April 6, 2020, Apple released the self-developed face shield teaching guide on its official website. The protective mask is mainly composed of three parts-forehead strap, plastic mask and silicone strap without latex.

First, align the mask and forehead strap slot and choose a slot that fits properly.

Then, pass the silicone tape through the slot and pull to adjust.

Face Shield is designed to provide additional protection for medical personnel participating in the fight against the new coronavirus epidemic. Officials point out that personal protection is required in addition to wearing a protective mask.

The mask can be disinfected and reused, and Apple has also given recommendations for use and cleaning. When using the mask, avoid exposure and high temperature; handle gently to prevent falling and scratching. When cleaning, it is recommended to use chemicals such as 70% ethanol, 70% isopropyl alcohol, 6% bleach (may leave residue on the mask), 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Earlier, Apple CEO Tim Cook had tweeted that Apple had initiated a company-wide effort to bring together product designers, engineering operators, packaging teams and suppliers to design and produce for healthcare workers And transport masks.

According to Tim Cook, Apple has purchased more than 20 million masks, some of which have been delivered to medical staff in Santa Clara, California. In addition, Apple plans to ship 1 million units a week thereafter.

It is worth mentioning that Apple was not the only company producing medical supplies during the epidemic. Companies such as SpaceX, Ford, Tesla and General Motors were involved in the production of medical equipment. Among them, SpaceX made its own protective mask and hand sanitizer; Tesla produced a ventilator.