Carbon Dioxide Gas Shielded Welding Wire Welding Dust Prevention

Carbon Dioxide Gas Shielded Welding Wire Welding Dust Prevention

Mar 07, 2019

Welding smoke composition and characteristics

Welding fumes are formed by the oxidation and condensation of vapors generated by metal and non-metallic materials under superheat conditions. Therefore, the chemical composition of the welding fume depends on the welding material (welding wire, welding rod, flux, etc.) and the composition of the material to be welded and its evaporating difficulty. Welding materials of different compositions and materials to be welded will produce different compositions of welding fumes during welding.

The characteristics of welding fumes are:

(1) The welding dust particles are small, the dust is in the form of fragments, and the particle size is about 1 μm. 

(2) Welding fumes are highly viscous.

(3) The temperature of welding fumes is high. In the exhaust duct and filter element, the air temperature is 60~80 °C.

(4) The amount of dust generated during the welding process is large. In general, the amount of soot produced by a welder operating 1d is about 60~150g. Several welding (cutting) methods, the amount of dust per minute during welding (when cutting) and the amount of dust per kilogram of welding material

Dust amount of welding method

Carbon dioxide welding

Solid wire (diameter 1.6mm) 450~650 5~8

Flux cored wire (diameter 1.6mm) 700~900 7~10

CO2 gas shielded welding smoke hazard

The pollution in the CO2 gas shielded welding area is divided into two categories: chemical pollution and physical pollution.

chemical pollution

Chemical pollution refers to harmful gases and soot generated during CO2 gas shielded welding. When performing CO2 gas shielded welding, some harmful substances are generated around the arc in the welding area.

The harmful substances produced by CO2 gas shield welding can be divided into two categories, one is harmful gases, mainly carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ozone (O3). One type is soot, and its main components are ferric oxide (Fe2O3), silicon dioxide (SiO2), and manganese oxide (MnO). These harmful substances, except for carbon dioxide, are used to protect the arc and the molten pool. The welding is carried out from the welding torch. The welding is not used up and remains around the welding area. The remaining harmful substances are generated from the welding arc and the weld pool.

Physical pollution

Physical pollution mainly includes: ultraviolet light and infrared rays generated by high-temperature arc light of CO2 gas shielded welding.

CO2 gas shielded welding fume purification

natural ventilation

Cartridge type mobile welding smoke purifier.

High negative pressure welding smoke dust collector

The natural ventilation cost is the lowest, mainly adopting the pure natural method, reducing the concentration of welding fumes in the workshop by opening the window and ventilating.

Filter cartridge type mobile welding smoke purifier, aiming the universal suction arm at the point where the welding fumes are generated. The dust and toxic and harmful gases generated in the welding fumes are sucked into the purifier by the negative pressure generated by the system for collection. Cartridge mobile welding fume purifiers have a wide range of applications. It is convenient and flexible and easy to move. Can meet a variety of flexible working conditions.

The high negative pressure welding fume extractor mainly connects the 50mm diameter hose directly to the welding head. When the welder is working, the dust collector works, and the dust collector stops when the welder stops. This ensures efficient handling of welding fumes while using minimum air volume. In addition, the high-negative welding fume precipitator can be connected to a hose of up to 20m, which can be effectively connected to the automatic welding head. Overcome the insufficiency of the manual suction arm to manually move the position. It is being automated, and the collection and purification effect is remarkable.