Electrode Wear The Proper Use Of The Brick Machine

Electrode Wear The Proper Use Of The Brick Machine

Oct 24, 2014

With wear-resistant welding surfacing in brick spiral reamer wear parts, has been recognized many brick is a simple, effective measures of conservation savings. But the plant's use of the effect is not exactly the same, except for the electrode itself, the quality, method of operation is the main reason. Spiral reamer when squeezed mud, sliding. Thus requiring advance reamer surface should be smooth in order to reduce drag. So, if once simultaneously on all surfaces reamer welding electrode wear, bound for its rough surface, greatly increased resistance, squeeze to clay, mud-cylinder severe fever, unable to produce. In fact, each section of brick on the spiral reamer wear is not the same, the first section of the extruded mud than just wear mud commitment and delivery tasks to a large tail section five ֻ six times! Reamer is the same section, the ministries of wear also differ greatly: cutter blade front to push mud, wear great; while the back of the blade, almost free from any pressure, wear minimal; blade edge, not only maximum line speed, but also to the inner wall of the cylinder with mud mud adhesion strong friction, wear largest; while only one-third of the outer diameter of the cutter blade diameter of the sleeve, the amount of wear and only its third ; The first section of the Vice leaf cutter due to shoulder and cut out the dual task of mud, the body affected by the greater amount of wear. When we make surfacing wear layer, should be part of the thickest edges up to 5mm. Leaves from the front edge to the middle of the heap only about 50mm wide piece, but this one should be a thick edge 3 ~ 4mm, thin pieces of leaves to the middle of getting the above principles should be front edges after ֻ ֻ all surfacing other parts of the reamer, and do not have to surfacing. 

Because brick spiral reamer and mixer blades only abrasive wear, no shock loads, and hope solder layer surface roughness, so should be used for arc welding electrode diameter is slightly greater than the length of a long arc welding; and using snake (W) op of France or 8-shaped (888) transportation of France. Thus, just use fewer electrodes, high efficiency and get a wide and excellent abrasion flat surface. 

When welding spiral reamer brick front, in order not to give bead pug adding too much resistance, should move forward along the direction of flow of mud that is the direction along the blade arc welding, welding must not laterally along the radius that mud slides along the blade forward across the threshold.