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Equipment For Forging Large Countries To Break The Nuclear Power Welding Problem

Jan 17, 2019

Liu Zicai, Senior Technical Technician of China Energy Construction Group Guangdong Thermal Power Engineering Co., Ltd., won the international welding skill competition champion, "central enterprise technical expert" and other series of honors, won the title of "National Model Worker" in 2015, and won the 22nd in May 2018. "Chinese Youth May Fourth Medal."

In 2004, Liu Zicai entered the company for the first time. His eyes were bright: a number of welding boutiques were placed in the exhibition hall, which made him sigh that the original welding can be so beautiful.

It was this "love at first sight" that became the initial driving force for his embarkation on the "Welding King" road. For 14 years, due to his solid technology, he has served as the chief "welder" in the demanding nuclear power project, solving the super problem in the welding field.

"Everyone has a craftsmanship, but many people have not persisted." In Liu Zicai's view, a decade of research is the best interpretation of the "artisan spirit."

Big country equipment breakthrough in welding color

In the 2012 Beijing “Jack Cup” International Welding Skills Competition, the first three welding works were opened, and Liu Zicai’s appearance was particularly eye-catching: the welding of his works is different from that of other players. dark red.

Four months ago, Liu Zi got the notice to participate in the competition - this is shorter than most players. He decided to use the "swing welding method" to participate in the competition. This welding method was first introduced from France. Compared with the traditional welding method, it is easier to master, with better mechanical properties and better quality. Since the demand for welding sites has not been valued for a long time, the wide-area competition is a good opportunity to take advantage of it. Liu Tsai was able to win the first place in the competition for tungsten argon arc welding with this technique. Dark red is the embodiment of this "swing welding" temperature control.

With the development of thermal power to nuclear power, the reliability requirements of the welding process are greatly improved: each weld in the nuclear power plant needs to withstand the test of nuclear safety and ensure reliable use for 60 years. Liu Zicai's promotion and promotion made the "swing welding method" an important technique for prefabricated welding products of nuclear power plants.

"Mirror" welding method in nuclear power plants

However, not all nuclear power plants are prefabricated. Welding on site inside a nuclear power plant is another problem.

Liu Zicai encountered such a "hard bone" when he first contacted nuclear power welding. In a nuclear power plant in the province, a row of four stainless steel pipes need to be welded in one trench. The back side cannot be seen because of the narrow position, and the construction period is only 40 days. Liu Zi remembered the "mirror" welding method that the master had said, but tried several times without success. So he used a toilet paper tube to simulate the pipeline, put a mirror in front, and continued to write "more" words for two consecutive nights, finally finding the feeling. During that time, he wore heavy overalls, bowed his waist in a narrow trench, and worked overtime until 10 o'clock in the night. In the end, Liu Zi completed the welding work ahead of schedule and played an important role in the successful completion of the nuclear power plant.

Since 2012, Liu Zi has put more time and energy into teaching techniques, and has brought more than 300 people to practice welding skills. In 2018, Liu Zicai Labor Model and Craftsman Talent Innovation Studio was formally established. Liu Zicai said that he hopes to train more technical talents for the society and pass on the excellent welding technology.

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