Guide Of Foreign Investment In Manufacturing Industries

Guide Of Foreign Investment In Manufacturing Industries

Jan 05, 2017

1. Farm Products Processing Industry (1) Development and production of biology feeds, straws and stalks feeds and aquatic feeds

(2) Aquatic products processing, seashell products cleansing and processing, and development of function food made from seaweed

(3) Processing of vegetables, dried and fresh fruits, fowl and livestock products

2. Food Manufacturing Industry

(1) Development and production of fond for babies and agedness, as well as health-care food

(2) Development and production of forest food

(3) Production of natural addictive for foodstuff and food ingredients

3. Drinks Manufacturing Industry

(1) Development and production of drinks of fruits, vegetables, albumen, tea, coffee and vegetables

4. Tobacco Processing Industry

(1) Production of secondary cellulose acetate and processing of tows (limited to equity joint venture and contractual joint venture)

5. Textile Industry

(1) Production of multifunctional textiles of lightweight, high-intensity, thermostability, cold-endurance, chemical-resistance and light fastness for industrial use made with non-woven, machine knitting, knitting, and combined technologies

(2) Weaving and dyeing as well as post dressing of high-grade loomage face fabric made with advanced technologies and equipment of energy-saving and emission reduction

(3) Processing of special natural fiber products satisfying the requirement of comprehensive utilization of ecology and resources and environment protection (including animal fiber, fibrilia, silk and colored cotton such as cashmere)

(4) Production of clothes with computer integrated manufacturing system

(5) Production of functional, environment-friendly and special clothes

(6) Production of top-grade carpet, embroider and drawnwork product

6. Leather, Coat and Feather (Down and Feather) Products Industry

(1) Cleaning processing of leather and fur

(2) Post ornament and processing of leather with new technology

(3) Top-grade leather processing

(4) Comprehensive use of leather waste

7. Lumber Processing Industry and Wood Bamboo, Bine, Palm, Grass Products Industry

(1) Development and production of new technology and products for the comprehensive utilization of "sub-quality, small wood and fuel wood" and bamboo in the forest area

8. Paper Making and Paper Products Industry

(1) Production of chemical wood pulp with an annual production capacity of over 300 thousand tons by a single production line, chemical mechanical wood pulp with an annual production capacity of over 100 thousand tons by a single production line and concurrent high-end paper and paperboard production mainly with overseas lumber resources

9. Petroleum Refining and Coking, Nuclear Fuel Processing Industry

(1) Deep processing of needle coke and coal tar

10. Chemical Raw Material and Products Manufacturing Industry

(1) Development and production of new-type downstream products of sodium-process bleaching powder, polyvinyl chloride and organosilicon

(2) Production of supporting raw materials for synthesized materials: production of propylene oxide by epoxidation of propylene with hydrogen peroxide, epoxy chloropropane from glycerol, NDC and CHDM

(3) Production of synthetic fibre raw materials: precision terephthalic acid, vinyl cyanide, caprolactam, nylon 66 salt and polyurethane elastic fiber and 1, 3-propanediol

(4) Production of synthetic rubber: liquid butadiene styrene rubber by butadiene method(excluding styrene-butadiene rubber), high cis-1, 4-polybutadiene rubber, butyl rubber, isoamyl rubber, polyurethane rubber, acrylic rubber, chlorophydrin rubber, ethylene-propylene-rubber, fluororubber, silicon rubber and other special rubber production)

(5) Production of engineering plastics and plastic alloys: PC with an annual production capacity of over 60 thousand tons, POM, polyamide (nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon 11 and nylon 12), EVA, polyphenylene sulfide, PEEK, polyimide, polysulfone, polyether sulphone, PAR, liquid crystal polymer and other products

(6) Fine chemistry industry: new products and technology for catalytic agent; processing technology for the commercialization of dye (pigment); production of high-tech chemicals for electronics and paper-making, food additives, feed additives, leather chemical products (excluding N,N-dimethylformamide), oil-well auxiliaries, surface active agent, water treatment agent, adhesivcs, inorganic fibre, inorganic nanomaterial production and deep processing of pigment encapsulation.

(7) Production of environment-friendly printing ink and environment-friendly arene-oil

(8) Production of nature spices, synthetic spices and single ion spices

(9) Production of high capability coatings, water automotive coatings and assorted water resin

(10) Production of chlorofluorocarbon substitution

(11) Production of fluororesin, fluorine film materials, fluorine-containing intermediate products for medical use, environment-friendly cryogen and detergent

(12) Production of fluorine recycling from phosphorus chemicals and aluminum smelting

(13) Development and production of new technology and products for the forestry chemicals

(14) Development and production of inorganic, organic and biologic films for environment protection

(15) Development and production of new-type fertilizer: biologic fertilizer, high-density fertilizer, compound fertilizer, controlled release fertilizer, compound microbial inoculant, Compound microbial manure, degradation agent for stalks and garbage and microbial preparation of special functions

(16) Development and production of effective, safe and environment-friendly new varieties, new formulations, special-purpose intermediates and accessory ingredients of pesticides; and development and application of relevant clean production processing (methylene technology for producing acetochlor, method for paraquat by ammoniacal cyanide process, aqueous phase synthesis of chlorpyrifos, recycling chloromethane during production of glyphosate, production of oriented synthesis chiral pesticides and cubic pesticides, and synthesis technology for diethyl thiophosphoryl chloride)

(17) Development and production of biopesticide and bio-control products: microbial insecticide, microbial fungicide, agricultural antibiotic, insect pheromone, enemy insect and microbial herbicide

(18) Comprehensive utilization and disposal of exhaust gas, discharge liquid, waste residue

(19) Production of organic polymer material: covering film for plane, rare earth cerium sulphide red dye, lead-free in electronic packages, serials of special sizing agent by photoetching for color Plasma Display Panel, small diameter and large specific surface area superfine fibre, high precision fuel filter paper, and Li-ion battery membrane

11. Medical and Pharmaceutical Products Industry

(1) Production of new type compound medication of active composition medication (including bulk drug and preparation)

(2) Production of amino acids: tryptophan prepared by zymotechnics, hstidine, methionine for feed

(3) Production of new anti cancer medication, new cardio-cerebrovascular medication and new nervous system using medication

(4) Production of new type medication using bioengineering technology

(5) Production of AIDS vaccine, hepatitis C vaccine, contraceptive vaccine, and new vaccines such as cervical cancer vaccine, malaria vaccine, and hand-foot-mouth disease vaccine

(6) Production of biology vaccine

(7) Exploitation and production of marine drug

(8) Drug preparation: production of new formulation using new technologies of sustained-release, release, targeting and percutaneous absorption

(9) Exploitation and production of new type of pharmaceutic adjuavant

(10) Production of antibacterial active pharmaceutical ingredients for animals (including antibiotics and chemosynthesis drugs)

(11) Exploitation and production of animal using antibacterial drug, insect repellent, pesticide, anticoccidial drug and new formulation

(12) Production of new diagnosis reagent

12. Manufacturing Industry of Chemical Fiber

(1) Production of hi-tech chemical fiber (excluding viscose fiber) of differential chemical fiber, aramid, carbon fiber, polyethylene of high-strength and high-mode, polyphenylene sulfide(PPS) and so on

(2) Production of new style of fiber and non-fiber polyester: PTT, PEN, PCT, and PETG

(3) Production of biopolymer fiber by using new renewable resources and environment-friendly processing: lyocell, cellulose made from bamboo and hemp, PLA, chitin fiber, PHA and plant and animal protein fiber

(4) Production of polyamide, single line production capacity of 150 ton a day

(5) Production of meridian tyre aramid fiber and tyre cord

13. Industry of Plastic Products

(1) Development and production of new-type multi-functional photo-biological broad agricultural films

(2) Digestion and recycle of waste plastics

(3) Exploitation and production of new technology and new production of plastic soft package (high barrier, multi-function film and material)

14. Non-metal Mineral Products Processing Industry

(1) Development and production of energy-saving, environment-protecting, lightweight and high-intensity, high-performance and multi-functional architecture materials

(2) Use plastic to replace steel and wood, energy-saving and high-efficient chemical architecture material production

(3) Production of elastomer, plastic changeable asphaltum waterproof coiled materials, broad (more than 2 meters) waterproof EPDM coiled materials and matched materials, broad (more than 2 meters) waterproof PVC coiled material, and TPO waterproof coiled materials with a production capacity of more than 10,000,000 sq.m.

(4) Development and production of functional glass with new technologies: electromagnetic wave shielding glass, micro-electronics glass substrate, infrared transmitting lead-free glass, electronic-grade large-scale quartz glass products (pipes, boards, crucibles and apparatuses), multi-functional windshield glass of excellent optical performance, extreme IT materials and products (including quartz glass bushing and ceramic wafer for waveguide-grade, high-precise optical fiber preform rod), and purification processing of raw materials for high pure (≥99.998%) or ultrapure (≥99.999%) crystal

(5) Production of conductive glass for film batteries and glass for solar illuminator

(6) Production of glass fiber products and special glass fiber: low dielectric glass fiber, quartz glass fiber, high silica glass fiber, high strength and high elasticity glass and ceramic fiber and their products

(7) Production of optical fiber and its products: coherent fiber bundle and laser medical optic fiber, exceeding two generation and three generation microchannel plate, optic fiber panel and inverse image implement and light cone glass

(8) Standardization refine of ceramic material and production of high-level decorative materials used for ceramics.

(9) Production of environment-friendly (non-chromizing) refractory material used in furnaces such as cement, electronic glasses, ceramics and microporous carbon brick.

(10) Production of AIN ceramic base piece and multiple-hole ceramics.

(11) Production of inorganic, non-metal materials and products: compound materials, special kind of ceramics, special kind of airproof materials (including quick oil sealed materials), special friction materials (including high-speed friction brake materials), special kinds of cementation materials, special type latex materials, water rubber materials, and nanomaterials.

(12) Production of thermal insulation materials of organic-inorganic compound foam

(13) Production of high-tech compound materials: sequential fiber increasing thermoplasticity compound materials and prepreg, endure heat > 300℃ colophony compound material moulding craftwork assistant materials, colophony compound material (including top grade sports articles and vehicle parts of lightweight and high-intensity), special function compound materials and products (including deep water and diving compound material products and medical and healing use compound material products), carbon/carbon compound materials, high capability ceramic compound materials and products, metal compound materials and products, metal layer compound materials and products, pressure≥320MPa super-high-pressure compound rubber pipes, air bus aviation tyres.

(14) Production of precision high capability ceramic materials: carborundum super-minute powder(purity > 99%, average granule diameter < 1μm), Si3N4 super-minute powder(purity > 99%, average granule diameter < 1μm), high pure and super-minute alumina powder(purity > 99%, average granule diameter < 0.5μm), low temperature sintered zirconia powder(sintered temperature < 1350℃) , high pure AlN powder (purity > 99%, average granule diameter < 1μm), rutile TiO2 powder(purity > 98.5%), white char black(average granule diameter < 100nm, barium titanate (purity > 99%, average granule diameter < 1μm.

(15) Development and production of high-quality artificial crystal and crystal film products: high-quality artificially synthesized crystal (piezoelectric crystal and crystals for ultraviolet ray transmitting crystal), super hard crystal (cubic boron nitride crystal), high-temperature resistant and highly-insulated artificially synthesized crystal (artificially synthesized mica), new electro-optic crystal, high-power laser crystal and large-size glittering crystal, diamond film tools, super-thin artificial diamond saw blades with thickness of not more than 0.3mm

(16) Deep processing of non-metal mineral products (super-thin comminution, high level pure, fine production, modification)

(17) Production of super high power black lead electrode.

(18) Production of pearlite mica (granule diameter: 3-150μm).

(19) Production of multi-dimension and multi-direction integer weaving fabric and profile modeling fabric.

(20) Use new dry cement kiln to innocuously dispose solid waste.

(21) Recycling of construction waste

(22) Comprehensive utilization of industrial by-products gypsum

(23) Development and application of new technologies for the comprehensive utilization of non-metal mine tailings, and the ecological restoration of mines