Jan 09, 2017

1 General situation:
The medicine industry is the key industry in our province There are 143 medicine enterprises, among which 49% of the enterprises produce Chinese traditional medicine, 40% produce chemical preparation, 11% produce medical equipment and wrapper The industry of Chinese traditional medicine plays leading role in the medicine industry The output value in 2002 is 7th in China Jiangxi Medicine Group company, Huiren Group and Jiangzhong Group play important role in the medicine industry of Jiangxi province, which achieve one third of the total output value of the medicine industrys
Jiangxi Medicine Group company comprises of 136 enterprises There are 2804 kinds of medicine approved, including of 43 kinds of material, 1110 kinds of chemical preparation, 1651 kinds of Chinese traditional patent medicine The sales revenue in 2002 was RMB 1.23 million
Huiren Group produces Huiren Shenbao, Wuji Baifeng pill and Liuweidihuang pill The sales revenue in 2002 was RMB 1.54 million, 15th in the national medicine industry
Jiangzhong Group's total assets is RMB 1.52 million and has annual capacity of 100 tons antibiotic material, 4.2 billion tablets, 450 million pieces penicillion technical powder injection, 79 million capsules, 1 million bags of pellet There are 2 professional medicine marketing company, the national centre of pharmaceutical technology and the postdoctor workstation of scientific research The sales revenue in 2002 was RMB 815 million
2 Strengths
(1) Resource: Jiangxi province, located in subtropics and warmterpemrate zone, has complicated physiognomy, so medical plant is easy to grow up The medical plant industry is developed rapidly There are the medical plant base of 400,000 mu ,including plantain seed, bitter orange and so on
(2) Market: We have market system of producing and processing Chinese traditional medical material, including Zhangshu medicine market, one of three big Chinese traditional medical material, which attract more than 10,000 businessman from the wholly country and Southeast Asia
(3) Big potential: The output of chemical medicine material and five main kinds of preparation is lower than their capacity The output of 24 kinds of chemical medicine material is less than one fourth of the capacity The output of Chinese traditional patent medicine is less than one third of the capacity
(4) Brand: Firstly there are some name brand, such as Huiren Shengbao, Wujibaifeng pill, Caoshanhu tablet, Jingshuibao and Qiatianwu Secondly there are a long history of producing Chinese traditional medicine, such as Zhangbang, Jiangcang Last there are some growing Chinese traditional patent medicine enterprise, such as Huiren Group, Jiangzhong Group, Canghai Group, Tianshi Chinese Traditional Medicine Group, Renhe Pharmaceutical Group and Jingshuibao Pharmaceutical Group
3 Stragety:
(1) Speeding up to develop new products The new types of Chinese traditional patent medicine which can cure knub, the disease of heart, brain and vein, geratology, gynecopathy and so on Strengthing the research and development of bioengineering technology to produce new bioengineering medicine
(2) To innovate the production line of medical herb in pieces of Jianchang Style and Zhan Style Expanding the exportation to consolidate the market of Southeast Aisa
(3) Supporting eligible enterprises further Jiangxi Medicine Group Company , Jiangxi Huiren Group and Jiangzhong Group form a triangle in the medicine industry We shall speed up conversion and operate capital to reinforce enterprises.