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How To Choose The Suitable The Welding Machine For Welding Electrode

Mar 05, 2018

How to choose the suitable the welding machine for welding electrode:

(1) The arc voltage (no-load voltage) is not only beneficial to the arc ignition, but also ensures the safety of the welder. The DC electric welding machine is 55-90V, and the alternating current welding machine is 60-80V.

(2) The external characteristic curve with steep drop. The curve is steep, which shows that the change of welding current is very small when the arc length is changed. When a short circuit is short, the short circuit current is not more than 1.5 times that of the welding current.

(3) when a short circuit is short, the voltage of the arc is equal to zero, and the time of recovery to the working voltage (25-40V) should not exceed 0.05s.

(4) It has sufficient power and a certain range of current adjustment to meet the needs of different working conditions.

(5) The structure of the welding machine is light and easy to repair.

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