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Jianghan Oil Construction Co., Ltd. Built Bolivia Light Oil Pipeline With Excellent Welding Quality

Dec 17, 2018

Jianghan Oil Construction Co., Ltd. built Bolivia light oil pipeline with excellent welding quality

       As of April 8, the Bolivian light oil pipeline project undertaken by Jianghan Oil Construction Company has completed 46.5 kilometers of welding and a total of 3271 crossings. The qualification rate of welding is 99.8%, and the quality is excellent.

        The project is an important part of the light oil pipeline network project in southern Bolivia, with a total length of 61.5 kilometers and a diameter of 12 inches. Jianghan Oil Construction Company actively takes various quality measures and strives to build a quality project.

         Before the construction of the project, the company organized the welder examination according to the international API1104 standard, and selected the welders with the highest test scores to participate in the construction to ensure that the technical level can meet the high quality requirements of the project; formulate a strict welding equipment maintenance system, and arrange special personnel to be responsible for the welding equipment. The operation and maintenance guarantee the efficient and stable operation of the welding equipment; the operators strictly implement the baking procedure of the welding consumables, the welding material release and recycling system and the quality control measures of the welding process. Each welding unit is equipped with 2 full-time welding inspectors to ensure that there are no dead ends.

        The quality of the pipeline welding of this project was tested by random pumping. At present, 520 lanes have been inspected and 519 lanes have been qualified. Excellent results are confirmed by the owners.

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