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Looking Back At The 2012 Development Of Welding Materials And Cutting Domestic Industry

Oct 24, 2014

Instant so through 2012, each industry has also ushered in the New Year in the heart of orders, the New Year a few days will slowly walk among you in my life, some say late May 2012 did this year in Shanghai and North potential, so in this environment, we are facing this industry, as well as for the industry to do. 

         In 2012 among the Beijing organizing exhibitions can be seen welding, mechanized equipment in the enterprise more and more attention, not only can bring benefits, more importantly, the general staff could not do things, machinery are well completion, for the enterprise, the initial investment is too big machinery, but the latter brought, this is a big but also the future direction of development of a warning, the future regardless of any industry relies on technology to speak. Welded mesh ", let us briefly recall the 2012 event in some simple welding and cutting industry, for the world of welding and cutting industry, the total sentence, any time this industry are inseparable, because whether it is bridge or levy requires welding and cutting technology and techniques, the overall market this year, that was not too much boom, while on the domestic market, the domestic economy is also facing inflation and growing industry trend constantly in transition, but this transition is not an individual transformation, but the overall transformation from the original manual steering and automatic operation slowly, for welding and cutting, the automation will also be gradually replaced by the development of the labor force, At least personally think so.